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Ultra 2016 / Launch Party

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Welcome to the Official Museum Store of íLLPerradise.

Shop, Scan, and Explore;

every corner, and every page.




yourself as íLLPerra,or

íLLPerron in your own Paradise?

 í is an expression, a style, a type of attitude, a form of freedom of expression.

Created for the individual who believes in a lifestyle without limits or restrictions; íLLPerradise is a fine-art, Pop-N-Shop brand which dares to stretch the boundaries of what is considered "popular culture". í is a museum store that represents a new whimsical art exhibition, one custom interactive / fashion / muliti-media / digital statement art piece at a time.









     íLLPerradise was created for all the dog lovers in the world.
The love of freedom. The freedom of love and art. The love for all the misfits on earth and space.

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